Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners

Best Social Media Marketing Courses For Beginners

In the ever-evolving panorama of virtual advertising, harnessing the energy of social media is a must for beginners and pro professionals alike. But where do you start your adventure to becoming a social media advertising and marketing maestro? That’s where the nice social media advertising publications for novices come into play. 

Let’s explore the pinnacle alternatives that will equip you with the information and capabilities to navigate the dynamic realm of social media and force your brand or career forward.

Let’s start!

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Courses

Here are the 10 social media marketing courses for beginners to enroll: 

1- Social Media Marketing Course (Reliablesoft)

Social Media Marketing Course (Reliablesoft)

This direction is a part of the Ultimate Digital Marketing Course Bundle and is designed for novices and intermediate inexperienced persons in social media advertising and marketing. It covers various components of social media advertising, inclusive of developing strategies, optimizing profiles, walking a hit advert campaigns, and the use of hashtags correctly. Enrolling on this course also gives access to 2 additional social media marketing courses and a Digital Marketing Certification.

VendorReliablesoft Academy
TypeOnline Course
Cost$149 (Normal Price $780 – 80% Off)
Duration1 week
LevelBeginner / Intermediate
CertificationDigital Marketing Certification

2- Social Media Marketing Professional (Meta)


Aimed at entire novices, this route is accepted by the American Council on Education (ACE). It consists of six guides covering topics like social media management, marketing, and measuring the overall performance of social media marketing campaigns. Graduates can earn the Meta Digital Marketing Associate certification.

Duration7 months
CertificationSocial Media Marketing Certification

3- Social Media Marketing Specialization (Coursera)


This specialization consists of a sequence of publications centered at the foundations of social media. It entails arms-on initiatives to gain a deeper know-how of social media analytics and strategies. Completing all guides leads to a Social Media Marketing Certificate.

Duration7 months
CertificationSocial Media Marketing Certificate

4- Social Media Marketing Certification (HubSpot)

Hubspot Academy

HubSpot’s loose certification course covers multiple modules, such as social media approach, content advent, social advertising, and measuring ROI. It emphasizes the importance of the use of social media to build one-to-one relationships and gives crucial training for those looking to enhance their social media competencies.

VendorHubSpot Academy
Duration4 hours
LevelBeginners / Intermediate
CertificationSocial Media Certification

5- Social Marketing Training (Hootsuite)


This direction covers various social media advertising subjects, from optimizing profiles to social media marketing. It gives essential expertise for beginners and offers a Social Media Certificate upon completion.

Duration6 hours
CertificationSocial Media Certificate

6- Social Media Marketing MASTERY (Udemy)


This complete path created by Courseenvy includes sizable content material and covers diverse social media systems. It incorporates video content material, articles, and downloadable sources. With a focus on basic social media schooling and paid advertising and marketing, it’s suitable for beginners and those trying to beautify their social media advertising and marketing competencies.

Duration8 hours
CertificationCertificate of Completion

7- Meta Blueprint Training (Meta)

Meta Blueprint

Meta Blueprint offers a chain of quick publications, each lasting 20-30 minutes. These publications cover subjects like setting up an internet presence, attracting an audience, improving your social media approach, and advertising and marketing on Facebook and Instagram. They are free and user-pleasant, making them ideal for beginners.

DurationRange from 10-20 minutes

8- Social Media Marketing (OMI)

Online Marketing Institute

This course provides an outline of more than one social media system and delves into advertising to millennials. It additionally covers higher-stage subjects like paid advertising and ROI size. It’s an in-depth route with a focus on Facebook and Instagram, appropriate for those trying to attain a millennial audience.

VendorOnline Marketing Institute
Cost$859 or 3 Payments of $286
Duration6.6 hours
LevelBeginner to advanced
CertificationYes, after the exam

9- Organic Social Media (CXL)

Conversion XL Institute

This route pursuits to help you benefit natural site visitors from social media structures. It consists of 10 instructions masking principal platforms like TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and more. It gives insights into each platform’s algorithms and offers a certification of entirety.

VendorCXL Institute
Duration2.5 hours

10- From Likes to Leads (Google)

Grow with Google

Part of the Google Digital Marketing & E-trade Professional Certificate, this path teaches beginners the fundamentals of social media advertising. It covers topics like social media strategy, content material creation, and social media analytics. The path is good for the ones new to social media advertising, and you could access it for free for seven days.

VendorGoogle (via Coursera)
Duration26 hours

Why To Enroll In These Courses? 

Enrolling in social media advertising and marketing publications, especially as a beginner, gives several precious blessings:

Develop Fundamental Skills

These publications provide a based and complete introduction to social media marketing, ensuring you understand the fundamentals. You’ll learn about exceptional structures, strategies, and quality practices.

Professional Certification

Many of these guides offer certification upon completion. Certificates can enhance your resume and show your commitment to ability employers or customers.

Hands-On Experience

Social media advertising publications often include sensible physical activities, assignments, and real-international tasks. This arms-on reveal allows you to follow what you research in a sensible context.

In-Depth Knowledge

Some guides, just like the Coursera Social Media Marketing Specialization or CXL’s Organic Social Media direction, dive deeper into unique topics, providing a more complete knowledge of social media marketing.

Expert Instruction

You’ll enjoy the expertise of teachers who have revealed themselves inside the field. They can provide guidance, insights, and updated records on enterprise tendencies.

Stay Updated

Social media platforms and advertising and marketing strategies evolve rapidly. Enrolling in publications ensures you live modern with the trendy traits and quality practices within the subject.

Networking Opportunities

In online guides, you may interact with teachers and fellow students. This networking can be precious for destiny collaborations and professional opportunities.

Boost Your CV

Completing a recognized direction and earning a certification can make your CV stand out whilst making use of for jobs in social media marketing or related fields.


Some publications cognizance of particular components of social media advertising, like marketing or content introduction. This permits you to specialize in regions that interest you the maximum.


Many of those guides are presented online, making them flexible and available. You can research at your very own tempo and from the comfort of your property.

Free Options

Several of those guides, like HubSpot’s Social Media Marketing Certification and Meta Blueprint Training, are free or provide loose trials. This way you could examine without an economic commitment.

Increase Earning Potential

With in-demand abilities in social media advertising and marketing, you’ll be better positioned to negotiate higher salaries or increase your income via freelance paintings or consultancy.


What are the exceptional social media advertising and marketing guides for beginners?

Our list of the quality social media advertising guides for novices includes options which include Reliablesoft’s Social Media Marketing Course, Meta’s Social Media Marketing Professional, and Coursera’s Social Media Marketing Specialization, among others. These publications are tailor-made to assist novices build critical capabilities in social media advertising.

Are there any loose social media advertising publications for beginners?

Yes, a few courses, just like the Social Media Marketing Certification provided via HubSpot Academy, are free. HubSpot’s path gives a comprehensive creation to social media advertising and marketing for beginners with no cost.

How lengthy do these publications generally take to complete for novices?

The length of these courses varies. For example, courses like the Social Media Marketing Course by Reliablesoft and Meta’s Social Media Marketing Professional have shorter time frames of 1 week and 7 months, respectively. Coursera’s Social Media Marketing Specialization and the course by Google (“From Likes to Leads”) normally take 7 months and 26 hours, respectively.

Do these courses offer certification for novices?

Yes, a lot of these publications offer certification. For example, Reliablesoft’s direction gives a Digital Marketing Certification, while Coursera’s Social Media Marketing Specialization gives a Social Media Marketing Certificate. Check each route’s info for precise certifications.

What makes these courses suitable for novices in social media advertising?

These guides are designed with beginners in mind. They cover fundamental ideas and progressively progress to greater advanced subjects, ensuring that rookies to social media advertising and marketing can construct a sturdy foundation. Additionally, they offer motives in consumer-friendly language to make learning on hand for beginners.

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